My Favorite Games from IndieCade 2017

10/17/17 Sean Weiland

From Oct. 6-8, I was lucky to attend the 10th IndieCade International Festival of Independent Games in Los Angeles. The weather was beautiful and ramen was available in more varieties than I was able to consume (although I tried). I set out through Little Tokyo to play as many games as possible and chat with […]

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That’s a Wrap on Design Hive 3

10/10/17 Michelle Bertoli

What do you call an enthusiastic gathering of game devs and psychologists? In the world of iThrive Games, that’s an #iThriveDesignHive! Our third Hive took place Sept. 21-24, 2017 in Anaheim, CA. We added a fantastic group of individuals to our collective Hive Mind, which includes indie, educational, and AAA devs and studio heads, top […]

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Making a Game in One Hour: The Power of Our Choices

09/12/17 Belinda Zoller

Editor’s note: At iThrive Games, we’re always curious about how video games—playing them and making them—can support personal growth and transformation, especially for teens and young adults just venturing out on their life’s path. Here, guest author Belinda Zoller, community manager for Extra Credits, reflects on a game design project that delivered meaningful insight…and fueled […]

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Heidi McDonald Has Been Promoted to Senior Creative Director of iThrive Games

08/29/17 iThrive Games

We are pleased to announce that Heidi McDonald was promoted from Creative Director to Senior Creative Director of iThrive Games, effective July 1, 2017. In her new role, Heidi uses her natural zest and creativity to lead our organization’s strategy for partnering with game developers and scholars across the world, spurring the production of meaningful […]

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Putting It in Context: Using Commercial Video Games in Education

08/8/17 Paul Darvasi

Editor’s note: As teens head back to school, we’re putting the focus on how one inventive and passionate educator makes commercial video games (as well as games of his own invention) a vibrant part of his teaching approach. Paul Darvasi teaches high school English at Royal St. George’s Academy in Toronto, Canada. *** I’m a […]

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