A Love Letter to UNO and the Connection the Classic Card Game Creates

If you’ve played a game of UNO, you know firsthand how it powers connection and joy. Continuing our Power of Play series, Carmen, a high school student based in Philadelphia, shares a heartfelt appreciation for the classic card game.

By iThrive Games
March 9, 2022

This post is the next in the Power of Play blog series, which shares posts from teens reflecting on the many ways games have helped them deal with life, discover possibility and purpose, and question the way things are in the world. We're excited to continue the series with the following post written and submitted by Carmen, a high school student based in Philadelphia, PA. Carmen shares a heartfelt appreciation for the classic card game UNO and its connective power.

I've played many games in my life. A lot of these games can sometimes end in arguments. Some games never even end-such as Monopoly-until everyone just gets up and walks away. But, there is one game that everyone knows and loves-a game that people of all ages, ethnicities, shapes, and colors play. That game is UNO.

Now, UNO may seem like a very basic game to choose, but it is truly amazing. I've never seen another game bring so many people from different backgrounds together. UNO is one of those games that people tend to make up their own rules for, so a group playing this game can get loud but it's all fun. Not only is UNO a good game to play to pass time, it's also very beneficial.

When playing this game it is very easy to escape the world. In UNO you have to pay attention to your hand and what the other players are throwing out. The goal of the game is to get rid of all of your cards before anyone else. The way you do this is by using either the color of the card or the number on it. There are a couple of special cards used in the game to keep it interesting, such as Reverse, Draw Two, Draw Four (which allows you to change the color), and Wild Card. 

UNO has really helped me through some hard times. It can easily change a group of strangers into a family. There have been times when I was going through things at home and a simple game of UNO with friends and family made me very happy and helped me to keep a positive spirit.

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