Use game-based learning and lesson plans that pair with play to energize and engage your students.

iThrive Curriculum units feature comprehensive lesson plans that support high school teachers in facilitating meaningful game-based learning experiences in the classroom. Through the generosity of our donors, we are able to offer these high-quality curricular units for free.

IThrive Curriculum: Museum of Me (For Grades 11 and 12)

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Game-based learning helps high school teachers meet teens where they are through play-a tool they are familiar with. Games give students a chance to immerse themselves in new information, apply that information in problem-solving, take on new perspectives, and work in self-directed, independent ways. 
The games we pair iThrive Curriculum units with offer exposure to new content, and ways to practice core social and emotional skills while hitting key core English Language Arts (ELA) standards. Learn more about our approach to game-based learning here.

  • Engage teens deeply by using technology in authentic and relevant ways
  • Center teen experience and tie lesson plans to developmental tasks such as exploring their identity and navigating social relationships
  • Integrate social and emotional learning seamlessly with academic content, ensuring you can attend to teens' academic, social, and emotional selves all at once
  • Use tenets of Universal Design for Learning to invite learners with a wide range of needs to engage with and apply the content to their lives

Keep up with the latest news about our iThrive Curriculum units and updates on our game-based learning offerings for high school classrooms.