Flip Your Classroom with Florence!

Picture this: Your 9th and 10th grade English Language Arts students play a video game at night-as homework. They come to class primed and ready to engage in deep discussion and exploration. iThrive Curriculum: A Moment in Time offers this flexibility for teachers and engagement for students.
This game-based learning unit uses the interactive story and video game, Florence, as the text. Students will follow the story of Florence Yeoh and Krish Hemrajani as they fall in and back out of love.

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iThrive Curriculum: A Moment in Time is designed to support high school students in considering their own emotional landscape, and in particular, how they cope with grief and loss in relationships. Social and emotional learning opportunities are embedded throughout the activities and assignments.

What will your students do as they learn?

  • Engage in practices of self-reflection and self-awareness around emotions and emotional expression in reaction to media and in relationships.
  • Communicate emotions effectively verbally and in writing.  
  • Hone skills in perspective-taking and cultural competency.
  • Analyze elements of Florence, including non-verbal character development and plot advancement, with special attention to the designers' use of color, music and sound, and game mechanics.
  • Evaluate and discuss Florence's symbols and themes, and make relevant connections to their lives and the real world.

Is Access a Barrier?
iThrive Games is committed to reducing barriers to accessing high quality, teen-centered learning opportunities.
Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have a limited supply of Florence game licenses to provide to teachers who will be using A Moment in Time in their classroom. Please fill out this short Google form and iThrive will reach out to arrange educational-use access to the game for you. 

Florence is a mobile video game that can replace traditional text in HS ELA classes.

Fast Facts for Educators
  • Suited for 9th and 10th Grade English Language Arts and Humanities classes
  • Sessions: A Moment in Time can be taught in 8 class periods, plus an optional essay extension assignment. 
  • Standards: The unit aligns to state and national English Language Arts Standards, social and emotional learning standards, and social justice standards.
Here's what teachers say about iThrive Curriculum: A Moment in Time
"I would use this again. My students were really into the story; the app adds a high level of engagement."10th Grade ELA Teacher
"The [grief and loss] assignment was really cool. I read through one of my student's reflections on saying goodbye to her former self over the loss of her innocence and I literally cried." 10th Grade ELA Teacher
"The students really got into it and went into a lot of depth in their reflections."10th Grade ELA Teacher
"There was really good connection. Students wanted to talk about the issues in the unit."10th Grade ELA Teacher

Created in collaboration with educators Lauren Geschel and Julia Wareham.

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