Groundbreaking legislation is about to be passed. An international incident is on the horizon. And then, a crisis shocks the nation. The clock is ticking and Americans want answers about who's in charge. Invite your students to find out in iThrive Sim: Leading Through Crisis.

Acting as members of a six-person the Crisis Management Team, your high school students will be asked to make high-stakes decisions, with the fate of the country in their hands during a critical time.

The Crisis Management Team
In iThrive Sim: Leading Through Crisis, key civics content on the 25th Amendment and the executive branch of the U.S. government is brought to life through immersive roleplay. The game's content is aligned with state and national standards so it fits right into your teaching plan with ease. 

Tech, Civics, and Play Merge in iThrive Sim: Leading Through Crisis

Social and emotional learning is embedded in gameplay as students have opportunities to demonstrate and refine responsible decision-making, relationship skills, and self-awareness during intense interactions. They draw on their inner resources as they collaborate to keep the government functioning during dual crises at home and abroad.

Whether gameplay is virtual or in person, students explore what it takes to:

Respond to a crisis with rapidly evolving updates and unclean consequences

Grapple with competing priorities like transparency and protecting national security

Make decisions and demonstrate sound leadership under intense scrutiny

Leading Through Crisis: Fast Facts for Educators

  • Standards: iThrive Sim: Leading Through Crisis and its accompanying lesson plans and activities meet state-level high school civics content standards, national College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework standards, and social and emotional learning goals. 
  • Classroom Set-Up: This scenario offers roles for six students and takes place across two episodes, which can be completed in four to five class periods.
  • Curriculum: Leading Through Crisis comes with resources and activities designed to support civics and social and emotional learning before and after the simulation.
  • Tech: Play takes place on a web-based, device-agnostic platform and is available in any educational space or home with access to WiFi and a 1:1 device such as a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. It's perfect for both your virtual learning environment and in-person classroom.

Key Activities in iThrive Sim: Leading Through Crisis

Leading Through Crisis was created with guidance and input from subject matter experts and in consultation with primary source documents around historic precedents from past presidential administrations.


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