COVID Self-Care Package: Practicing #SELatHome

We know how supportive social and emotional skills can be in times of confusion, crisis, and abrupt change. Join in on our #SELatHome Challenge on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for 14 days of social and emotional skill-building and self-reflection.

By iThrive Games
April 19, 2020

As we talk to the teens, teachers, and parents in our lives about how they are faring during COVID-19, we hear a consistent call for resources for coping. However, they don't talk to us about getting assignments completed or meeting deadlines, they talk to us about dealing with anxiety or restlessness, feeling easily frustrated, and managing conflict as everyone navigates this time together at home. Social and emotional skills, which are like our inner superpowers, can be supportive of these concerns. Below are the five core social and emotional skills, as defined by Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL):


At iThrive, social and emotional learning (SEL), teen thriving, and gameplay are important to us. We thought we would support teens, teachers, and parents by creating the #SELathome challenge. Let's take the next 14 days to add some social and emotional skill-building to our lives. We thought we would make it easy to do, fun, and bite-sized, since our goal is to help rather than to add yet another thing to do.

So like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @iThriveGames to join in on the 14-Day #SELatHome Challenge and play. Starting Tuesday, April 21st, we'll be posting a challenge a day on our social media channels. We'll also DM whoever plays the most to find out where to send some iThrive Games' swag. We can't wait to get a glimpse of your comments and the tips that you'll share!

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