How do you make critical governmental decisions when time is of the essence and the information you rely on is constantly changing? Invite your students to navigate this in iThrive Sim: Lives in Balance.

In iThrive Sim: Lives in Balance, students role-play as government officials tasked with making decisions and charting a path forward amidst a pandemic. As members of a six-person coalition, students must analyze data, negotiate and compromise with their peers, and contend with conflicting information from multiple sources including experts in infectious disease and commerce.

The interactive civic learning experience invites students to expand on their knowledge of the limits of federalism and state rights, and apply and build their social and emotional skills of responsible decision making, interpersonal communication, and self-reflection. See the game in action!

Key Activities in Lives in Balance

Student connect and collaborate in iThrive Sim: Lives in Balance

Standards: iThrive Sim: Lives in Balance and its accompanying lesson plans meet high school civics content standards, national College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework standards, and social and emotional learning goals.

Classroom Set-Up: This scenario offers roles for six students and can be completed in one 45-minute class period.

Curricular Surrounds: Lives in Balance comes with resources and activities that support civics education and social and emotional learning before and after the simulation.

Tech: Play happens on a web-based, device-agnostic platform and is available in any educational space or home with access to WiFi and a 1:1 device such as a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. This means this game is perfect for online, in-person, and hybrid learning settings.

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