classroom EXPERIENCE

Transform How Learning Happens

By converting the Situation Room Experience platform into an easy-to-use digital application, we will turn any classroom into an active learning experience.


What is the classroom Sim?

Based upon the award winning The Situation Room Experience platform, the iThrive Classroom Experience is designed to disrupt traditional lecture based instruction by creating wrap-around learning experiences that are 

  • High energy, collaborative role-playing games
  • Historically grounded content embedded in immersive scenarios
  • Technology supported interactions 

 Our library of immersive scenarios 

  • Supports learning across the curriculum 
  • Meets national standards
  • Is accessible for every high-school student 
  • Is designed to meet the needs of traditionally underserved schools 
  • Is student-driven vs. teacher-driven

    In the Classroom Experiences students will be collectively challenged and supported through technology to practice and strengthen their social and emotional skills.


    Let’s Start a Conversation

    Join us in building a library of scenarios for experiential learning and bringing this innovative program to millions of teens. For more information please contact project director: jane.lee@