iThrive’s Game Design Studio is a design thinking and social and emotional learning co-design experience that engages teens in self-reflection and systems change using the framework of game design. The primary goal is to offer opportunities for teens to recognize and apply their strengths  while exercising their creativity in designing games and learning new ways to approach problem-solving with art, design, story-telling, and systems thinking.

Teens’ designs in Game Design Studio directly inform iThrive’s work with game developers to spur the production of meaningful games that engage teens in taking charge of their social and emotional thriving. We believe in the power of games to help and change players for the better, and have a strong commitment to creating positive social change with and for the next generation.

In Game Design Studio, teens use and expand on their social and emotional skills while they play, analyze, and design games.

Game Design Studio:

  • Offers teens opportunities to voice their experiences and express themselves through the art of game design
  • Introduces teens to game design as an art and career
  • Builds teens’ social-emotional and STEM skills
  • Informs iThrive Games’ understanding of teens’ lived experience to inform our game design process


This summer, iThrive Games is partnering with University of Northern Colorado’s TIP Creativity Lab to host a two-week summer camp for high school students. Find more information here.

Here’s what teens say about their experiences at Game Design Studio

Game Design Studio has definitely given me confidence in what I think I can do, but it also helped me think about how I could build off of other people’s ideas in order to reach one progressive goal.

Youth, 13

Boys & Girls Club of Fitchburg and Leominster

Game Design Studio helped me to understand myself more and how I felt, and this program also helped me understand how I thought my friends would feel and if we could work together to find a solution to the games.

Youth, 14

Boys & Girls Club of Fitchburg and Leominster

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Game Design Studio was developed in partnership with EdTogether, a nonprofit dedicated to harnessing the power of emotion in learning to transform education in partnership with vulnerable youth.