Design thinking spurs systems change.

Give your students the experience of creating positive social change using iThrive Studio, a design thinking and social and emotional learning experience. Harness the power of games for learning, growing, and connecting using our game design studio process, which engages teens in self-reflection and systems change.
When you host an iThrive Studio at your school or teen-serving organization, we partner with you to create opportunities for teens to recognize and apply their strengths while exercising their creativity in designing games and learning new ways to approach problem-solving with art, design, storytelling, and systems thinking.

Unleash your students' creativity.

Our in person or virtual iThrive Studio model engages teens in using and expanding their social and emotional skills while they play, analyze, and design games.



Bringing iThrive Studio to your classroom:

  • Offers teens opportunities to voice their experiences and express themselves through the art of game design

  • Reinforces teens' development of design, technology, and collaborative skills

  • Builds teens' social and emotional skills

  • Creates an opportunity for teens to use systems thinking to understand the world and how to change the world for good