Museum of Me


iThrive Curriculum: Museum of Me is a standards-aligned, 11-lesson curriculum unit that pairs with Giant Sparrow's award-winning video game What Remains of Edith Finch to create a meaningful game-based learning experience for 11th and 12th grade students in English and humanities classes. As students play as the game's protagonist Edith and uncover Edith's familial story, they explore their own identities and reflect deeply on how they tell their personal stories, connecting the ones they uncover in the game with elements in their own lives. Museum of Me is aligned with national ELA standards and field tested with students and educators.





With Teens and Educators: iThrive Curriculum: Museum of Me was co-created with game-based learning experts and educators, Paul Darvasi and Matthew Farber and workshopped with social and emotional learning veteran, Rachel Poliner, and the UDL experts at EdTogether. The unit was field-tested with 10th-12th grade students in diverse academic settings - Paul Darvasi's class at Royal St. George's College in Toronto and Brian Harmon's 10th grade class at Fayette County High School in Georgia. Additional pilots have since been conducted in virtual classrooms, and educator and student responses and recommendations from both types of pilots have made the unit increasingly flexible and adaptable.


  • "You learn some things about yourself and others. It's nice to know that you're not alone in seeing yourself a certain way. It's kind of relieving to know other people feel the same way about themselves." — Teen
  • "There was one time in this unit and I shared and I knew it was deep but I didn't want to keep it in. I wanted my teachers to know what I've been going through so they can help. So I talked about it. This experience made more space." — Teen