Engaged Students, Engaged Citizens: iThrive Content Now on Composer

iThrive Games is excited to join Composer’s ecosystem of organizations dedicated to supporting teachers and students with citizenship education resources. Here’s what we’ll be sharing on the platform.

By iThrive Games
August 19, 2020

We are thrilled to announce that iThrive Curriculum: Sam's Journey is now available on Composer—a place for educators to access the top citizenship education resources from around the world and to integrate learning science into curriculum planning. 

Sam's Journey is a humanities unit that invites students into a uniquely told story using digital artifacts, examining how different modes of communication are used to express identity, thoughts, and feelings. Based on the digital game A Normal Lost Phone, students explore the question of identity and gain insight into the experience of a youth in the LGBTQ community, all while adhering to the core standards educators need to meet for high school English Language Arts classes. 

We are happy to share this content on Composer, as the organization's focus on citizenship education aligns with our values at iThrive. Citizenship education empowers and supports students in becoming better citizens through the teaching of civic learning, social justice, social and emotional learning, and global competence.  

Our content joins 1,000 learning experiences available on this new digital platform, free for educators to access the top citizenship education resources from around the world and design high-impact curriculum for middle and high school students. Our other English Language Arts unit, iThrive Curriculum: Museum of Me, will be available on Composer later this month.

To pair Sam's Journey with LGBTQ-oriented lesson plans from other organizations, sign up for Composer today.