2020 Annual Report: A Year of Play, Co-Creation, and Community

In 2020, we continued to uplift the power of play when needed most, co-creating meaningful game-based experiences for teens that tended to their whole selves.

By iThrive Games
March 16, 2021

The strands of iThrive's DNA are composed of understanding the power of play. Social and emotional learning. Belonging and engagement in the spaces where teens are. Being teen and educator-centered. 

Thank you to each of the teachers, teens, and collaborators who share those same building blocks at their core. Here are our highlights from last year:


For more information on how we are working to further our mission of using games and game design to equip teens with the social and emotional skills they need to be healthy and resilient, the tools that support and protect their mental health and well-being, and the systems thinking they need to recognize inequity along with meaningful opportunities to imagine and design a better world, view our annual report