About Us

We collaborate with game developers, conduct research, and provide resources and support to foster teen thriving through gameplay. Playing video games lets us stretch our skills, take risks, have an impact, and explore who we are and want to be in the furthest reaches of our imaginations. Yet, the potential for video games to empower teens has been largely overlooked. iThrive Games exists to address that oversight. At iThrive Games we embrace teens’ love of video games. We explore how great games can empower teens to discover and use their unique strengths, unlock their potential, and take charge of their well-being.

Where do teens go to…

  • Take on epic challenges?

  • Battle the stress and boredom of daily lives?

  • Act — and be treated — like adults?

  • Be anyone they can imagine?

  • Be evaluated not on their appearance, orientation, or status, but on their skills?

  • Explore an alien planet, lead their guild to victory, or heroically unify the kingdom?

Video games offer an irresistible escape. It is no wonder nearly all teens play them. And research shows teens are onto something.