Amanda DelloStritto, Nicholas Jones, Jeb Atkinson, Tadeo Menichelli, Varun Mhatre, Lesther Reynos


A man living on the top floor of his building passes by his struggling neighbors after a long day on the job. You have to find a balance between helping others and still having enough time to sleep so you can preform well at your job for seven days. Interacting with NPC's allows you to get to know them and find out what troubles they are facing. An NPC that is unhappy is colored grey or with muted tones, and the more you help them, the brighter and more colorful they and their environment becomes. Helping them correctly (not just doing random acts of kindness or ignoring them) will bring you to a unique mini game for each player. You have to find the cat lady's pet: Mr. Snugglesworth, inspire the artist with poetry so she can paint again, teach the college student with no time how to cook something other than cup noodles, and help the hoarder organize his things. By continually interacting with them everyday, eventually they emerge from their depression and their life improves.

Download the github branch (the green button with the option to download a zip file). Unzip the compressed file. Run the file named "neighbour.exe".