Video games are powerful. Scientists propose that they have the potential to boost critical social and emotional skills among youth, like cooperation, optimism, and persistence in the face of failure. iThrive’s mission is to use great video games to empower teens to thrive. Across our projects, we collaborate with game developers, conduct research, and provide resources and support to foster teen thriving through gameplay.

The Science of Gaming to Thrive

iThrive’s work is rooted in–and seeks to advance–science at the intersection of teen development, social and emotional skills, positive psychology, gaming, and game design. We collaborate with top researchers in these fields to explore how great video games can support teen flourishing.

Gaming with Teens, for Teens

How often do teens get to participate in designing and improving on games they love to play? We engage teens as players, developers, and researchers of video games that deliver fun and meaningful experiences.

Game Jams

Game jams are intensive sessions that draw diverse developers together to generate game prototypes. iThrive sponsors game jams for young developers centered on the theme of positive habits. These jams produce prototypes of games with the potential to “bake in” opportunities for thriving.

Design Hives

iThrive Design Hives are think tanks with some of the best game developers and scholars in the industry. We come together to explore where principles of great game design meet meaningful, growth-oriented play.

Game Design Tools for Developers

What inspires game developers to design for fun and for growth? With expert developer feedback, iThrive is producing a set of design tools that outline themes and mechanics that have the potential to build skills teens need to thrive.

New Game Titles

iThrive collaborates with award-winning game studios to develop fun and engaging titles for teens that empower them to take charge of their social and emotional growth and practice habits like empathy that support well-being.

iThrive Partners