Danilo Aimini, Maria Jose Felix, James Lee Gibbs, Bailiang Gong, Andrew Ho, Yen-Liang Lin, Greg Morton, William Pheloung, Kylie Riewe, Astara Zarbock

Photos & Screenshots


Event: Digipen Empathy Game Jam 2017
Theme: Empathy
Platform: Browser (PC)

A new cemetery caretaker takes over after their father, the former one, has passed. As the new caretaker, you take time during the day to learn from the living about the deceased now in your care. When night rolls around the ghosts come out, the urns do not appear to be in the correct place. There are rumors the previous caretaker may have been responsible for these mistakes before passing away. Learn who they are and return order again. Take care of what’s important.

Installation Instructions:
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How does the game fit the theme?

The main game mechanic is a puzzle solving story. The player has to read the narrative of the game, both the living and the dead narratives, to figure out which urn belongs to which visitor. The puzzle cannot be solved without the player learning the stories of all the characters involved, which forces perspective taking.