Ittai Goes to the Gym

Tina Feng, Kyle Kissler, Kristen Campbell, Eric Kim, Samantha, Christian Gramling, Mayan Shoshani

Photos & Screenshots


Theme: Empathy
Platform: PC – Windows

One man’s journey to the gym on a desert bus, and the events he witnesses along the way. Will he help his fellow man, or keep to himself? You decide.

Installation Instructions:
Download the .zip file form the link and unzip everything. Launch ittaigoestothegym.exe. “A,D” to move, space to interact, e to sit, or do nothing.

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How does the game fit the theme?

We referenced the design guide’s venn diagram, conversation starters, empathy over trauma, and the pyramid of feels to come up with a concept for what kind of game we wanted to make as well as where it was set.