Blob Town

Credits: Kells Ehrlich, Samuel Dassler, Tyler Rae, MJ Quigley

Photos & Screenshots


Event: Digipen Empathy Game Jam 2017
Theme: Empathy
Platform: Browser (PC)

In Blob town, you are a upper middle class scavenger in a blobby town. You have the option to use the items you find to make more money and reach personal prosperity, or to invest it back into the town via townsblobs who need those items most. If you choose to prosper selfishly, your house and personal appearance will become lavish and rich, but the community you live in will begin to suffer. If you invest into the community, the terrain becomes lush, your water is clean, your people are healthy, and you remain middle class. This game represents the responsibility privileged people have to give back to their community. They may personally prosper more from direct capitalistic ideas, but the community around them (that they have to live in) will become sad, unhealthy, and possibly dangerous. Indirect consequences and benefits are very real in a society, and people in privilege should be aware of this when making selfish choices.

Installation Instructions:
Download the zip file and run the .exe (Windows) or .app (Mac) file. *Note that the BlobWorld_Win AND BlobWorld_Win_Data need to be downloaded to run on Windows.

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How does the game fit the theme?

In Blob Town, you can see direct visual effects of the decisions you have made. The neighborhood and its inhabitants visually change, as will your own house. We wanted players to understand that their decisions can have both direct and indirect consequences for other people, to help them to remember this in the real world as they make their own real world choices. Additionally, the balance between self-focused decisions and community-focused ones is one we want people to think more about. We thought it important to require the player to understand and empathize with others by showing the effects of selfish behavior, both direct and indirect. We chose aesthetic themes of loneliness and danger, which are universal to human beings, and we worked hard to build these themes into the gameplay itself.