iThrive Games is proud to be an official diversifier sponsor of the Global Game Jam. This year’s theme is Forgive & Fortify and our Design Kit (below) is available in multiple languages to support you!

Forgiveness is an important aspect of positive mental health and we can’t wait to see what you create! On this page, you’ll find a hub of information including design tools (we call them Design Kits) in English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish, Discord server information, and social media links to stay in touch with us during the game jam.

iThrive’s Design Kits were created by game developers to help create engaging games that build strengths, explore meaningful topics, and benefit players. We scoured the scientific literature on key psychological and learning processes and partnered with seasoned game developers — a suite of iThrive Design Kits for all levels of game developers was born. 


We are so pleased with the overwhelming participation in this year’s Global Game Jam with over 9,000 submitted projects! To continue to improve and enrich our design kits, we have gathered a team of research assistants to review the projects that were submitted for our diversifier, Forgive & Fortify. As the theme of this year’s game jam was “What Home Means to You” we are extremely interested in how teams incorporated the two themes. After the review is complete we hope to share some insights into some of this year’s submitted projects. If you are interested in the results, subscribe to our newsletter for updates.



Create a game that explores how forgiveness strengthens those who practice it. Our Forgiveness Design Kit offers definitions, design opportunities and pitfalls, game mechanic examples, and more! How will you explore and use forgiveness in your game design at the Global Game Jam? 

(Also available in Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish)


Need help? We will be available on Discord over the course of the weekend to answer any questions about designing for forgiveness. Be sure to tune-in to the conversation on social media and share what forgiveness means to you!

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The following documents are available as a packet to download in English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish and include: 


  • A Strengths-Based Approach
  • Transformational Framework
  • Team Dynamics
  • Jam Self-Care Tips
  • First-Time Jammer Tips


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