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Why, out of all the psychological constructs, are game designers drawn to empathy?

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I’m your host, Kelli Dunlap, PsyD.

Beyond Gameplay is a show where humanity is the core mechanic. Each episode is a quest to answer a core curiosity, what lives on when the game is turned off?

iThrive Games is committed to listening to, learning from, and amplifying diverse perspectives and experiences. In this podcast, we intend to showcase voices that otherwise might not have the opportunity to be heard by handing them the mic – literally. Game developers, educators, mental health professionals, industry scholars, funders, and students alike will all be able to gain valuable knowledge from this podcast as we strive to amplify research and encourage conversations that surround games being designed and used to explore and promote humanity.

We believe in the importance of a multidisciplinary community that is linked together by a shared belief in the potential of games to have a positive impact on humans, society, and the world. Beyond Gameplay is a way for us to bring together people from diverse fields and areas of expertise in hopes that they’ll start to work in an interdisciplinary way and birth a field!

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