Games hit us where we are human. Gameplay is social. It is emotional. It is intellectual. We created the Journal of Games, Self, & Society (JGSS) to encourage interdisciplinary research, conversation, and community around games. Peer reviewed by experts in the field, the journal highlights qualitative, quantitative, theoretical, and experimental game studies focused on how games, game design, and gameplay contribute to a deeper understanding of learning, health, and humanity.

Our second issue of the Journal of Games, Self, & Society (JGSS) drops in April. From accessibility to how gameplay can teach systems thinking, each peer-reviewed article amplifies projects that are exploring how games help us thrive.

The first issue of the Journal of Games, Self, & Society (JGSS) shared a collection of papers that span fields of study from political science to interpersonal violence to STEM, and shared learning and insights in the realms of education, game development, physical health, relationship safety, and mental well-being. If you missed the first issue and its insightful game studies, click here to read it.

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