Who are you and how will you thrive?


Positive psychology approaches like empathy, cooperation, curiosity, & growth mindset can jumpstart personal growth. The “Hogwarts” houses from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books align nicely with these concepts, so your house may help you amplify your existing strengths. Unlike the houses, however, there are no walls or alliances keeping these skills separate. Nurture and explore each quality to grow and thrive.

GRYFFINDORS are brave and interested in justice, so, motivated toward COOPERATION Cooperation is working with a group others to the benefit of everyone. 

SLYTHERINS are highly ambitious, so, motivated toward GROWTH MINDSET Growth Mindset is believing that personal attributes can improve as a result of hard work.

HUFFLEPUFFS are very loyal, so, motivated toward EMPATHY Empathy is feeling what others feel and imagining how they view and think about situations.
RAVENCLAWS are extremely intelligent, so, motivated toward CURIOSITY Curiosity is seeking out new knowledge and experiences for their own sake; embracing uncertainty.