iThrive Games is at GDC 2019! Look for us in San Francisco, March 17-22, 2019. Use the #gameshelpme hashtag to connect with us on Twitter and to follow the conversation: how do games help you?



Journal of Games, Self, & Society

Our new, peer-reviewed journal highlights how games, game design, and gameplay contribute to a deeper understanding of learning, health, and humanity.

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Beyond Gameplay Podcast

Coming this spring! Each episode is a quest to answer the question “what lives on when the game is turned off?  

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PLAYTEST THE Critical Strengths Engine

Play the CSE at Ian Schreiber’s annual playtest session on the evening of Tuesday. It is a paper-and-pencil role-playing game that was created in partnership with psychologists, game designers, and practicing clinicians. It was designed as a general, rules-lite engine to be easy to learn and used with any existing story.

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Find Kelli, Cat, and Trynn, on Twitter, or reach out to the iThrive Games account directly.



Learn more about how we used What Remains of Edith Finch with high schoolers to explore identity in “Museum of Me.”

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We are presenting at GDC!

Manager of Production, Trynn Check, will present in the Experimental Gameplay Workshop. Learn about Trynn’s work at Level You and how she creates games that analyze and embrace the experience of being human.

Marketing & Communications Director, Cat Wendt, will moderate a panel on Wednesday of GDC: Building an Inclusive Studio Culture


Exploring the Intersection of Mental Wellness and Games

MAGFest 2019 - A Compilation of Panels, Playtesting, and so much more! Kelli Dunlap, PsyD, director of Mental Health Research and Design at iThrive Games, playing our Critical Strengths Engine (CSE) as she helps a new playtester facilitate the game for the rest of the...