Ticket Booth

Ticket Booth

General Info

Our game is about working at a ticket booth, handing out tickets to both easy-going and tough customers. This game is meant to create empathy for retail employees through the gameplay events. The player is supposed to gain an understanding of what it's like to be working at a ticket booth (or, in general, at any retail store) through dealing with all of the different customers.

How does this game fit the theme?

We used the subject matter to create an understanding for specific circumstances, specifically the circumstance of providing a service to many types of people. We used this element because it is the most fitting for making a game based on a real experience.



Installation Instructions

Download Ticket Booth .zip file. Unzip the main file folder. Locate TicketBooth.exe. Double click it to launch. Have fun! Ticket Booth

  • Tyler Gemora
  • Matthew Murphy

Game Screenshots