General Info

A small creature transports water through a parched desert, offering what little it can to a fairy who rejuvenates the environment. The player themself needs water to survive in the desert, so it is a sacrifice to offer water to the fairy. But doing so makes the environment more beautiful and alive.

How does this game fit the theme?

High-Level Purpose: Realize how your actions can impact and benefit the world around you and how much you capacity to sacrifice you have. Elements of kindness emphasized are awareness, capacity, and sacrifice. Understanding and morality are still present. Player Transformations: Better understand their capacity to help



Installation Instructions

Download. Unzip the file and launch Robot jam.exe. Keyboard controls are on the screen Thirst

  • JRahsaan Corbin, Coding & Design
  • Stephen Kolodychuk, Game Design
  • Brendan Thomas, Programming
  • Tim Field, Programming
  • Tom Murray, Programming & Audio
  • Caspian Priebe , Environment Art
  • Lynda Murray, Character Art & Animation

Game Screenshots