The Giving Kid

The Giving Kid

General Info

Our game is about sparking kindness via kid's lightheartedness, emotions, and imagination.

How does this game fit the theme?

The game is full of fictional dialogue. It also goes with the player through the process of giving up your objects to help people with their emotional needs, not their material ones. [We use]Meaningful story arcs and player agency to emphasize how kind/unkind behavior impacts game outcomes.


PC/Unity Player

Installation Instructions

Clone from github repo. Click where it says "clone or download", download the .zip file. extract it, and then launch "TheGivingKid.exe". The Giving Kid

  • Stoney Reed: Art
  • Matheus Tararam de Laurentys: Game Design and Code
  • Zach Knowlton: Code and UI
  • Jamari Thomas Levy: Art
  • Travis Rankin: Music and SFX

Game Screenshots