General Info

The game showcases different phases of life, showing some act of kindness in each phase and how the player's actions have consequences.

How does this game fit the theme?

The player is given the option to interact and help the NPCs in the game. As of now, the level restarts if you don't help the NPC, but we plan on integrating a more complex butterfly effect system for the narrative in the future.
We incorporated:
- Opportunities to help others, including at a cost to the player.
- Kind and unkind behaviour affecting gameplay.
- Dialogue options that are kind.
We feel that these elements are essential to what we want to portray with this particular game.



Installation Instructions

First, unzip the file. Click on the executable Unity file, choose your resolution, and click Play! W-Move Forward, S- Move Backward, A- Move Left, D- Move Right, Mouse Click - Interact, Click on the NPC to give item, not on the inventory. Play in Windowed Mode for the best experience! Life

  • Varun Sunil Bajaj
  • Pratik Shringarpure
  • Tanay Joshi
  • Kaustabh Dutta
  • Thomas Rigney

Game Screenshots