Kind Knight

Kind Knight

General Info

The player finds our hero in a peaceful village that has been under attack from a dragon that has taken up residence in nearby Mount Doom. His brother and some of their friends have decided to free the village from the dragon once and for all. The Kind Knight, waited back at the village, and now worries about his brother and friends. He heads out, in an attempt to find and help his friends, before the dragon attacks again. Almost immediately, the player finds that they can help a total stranger, even though it delays, and almost certainly makes their chance of success harder, in the form of a lumberjack that has lost a wagon wheel. By sacrificing their time for a total stranger, the player learns that simple acts of kindness can help everyone. They then encounter a disgraced wizard, that appears as a bum. The simple act of listening is all the player needs to do, in order to help the wizard turn his life around, but once again they sacrifice their time, making their mission that much more difficult. Here the player can learn that sometimes, people just need someone to talk to.

How does this game fit the theme?

We decided to give the player agency in their interaction with the NPC's. They can choose to not help the lumberjack, the wizard, and even choose to forget their brother and friends, instead choosing to flee the dragon. We also incorporated the opportunity to help others at the cost to the player. By stopping, and helping both the lumberjack and the wizard, the player sacrifices their time, and the dragon is quickly approaching. The art style we choose was more of a cutesy aesthetic. It allows the player to be given a sense of empathy that can be lost with realistic characters and models.



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Play it here: Kind Knight
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