5 Parsecs Away

5 Parsecs Away

General Info

A bounty hunter is in charge of handling prisoners until the authorities can come to collect them. You, as the bounty hunter, must decide who to set free, who to turn in to the authorities and who to eliminate. Talk to each of the prisoners, learn their stories and decide the fate of each.

How does this game fit the theme?

Dialogue heavy with moral choices; characters with unique personalities, unfamiliar appearances and facial expressions, gray morality. These force players to confront their assumptions and to think outside the box. We felt it would be important to consider and use all of the mechanics from the iThrive Empathy Design Guide: Learning different points of view to a situation; speaking to different people to discover the truth; use subject matter to address language barriers, xenophobia, and prejudice; character-focused narrative to become invested in; forcing the player to pause by breaking up dialogue over five segments; consequences to offending characters; the addition of universal themes such as family, health, financial issues, language, displacement.



Installation Instructions


  • aCaspian Priebe: Art
  • Lynda Murray: Art
  • Tom Murray: Code
  • Morgan Lerner: Sound & Narrative
  • Stephen Kolodychuk: Narrative & UI

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