Game Development

New Game Titles

iThrive collaborates with award-winning game studios like 1st Playable Productions and Filament Games to develop fun and engaging titles for teens that empower them to take charge of their social and emotional growth.

Think Tanks (“iThrive Design Hives”)

Game developers are the experts of fun. They know how to keep players engaged and persisting towards challenging goals for hours at a time—something traditional classroom settings often struggle to do for teens. iThrive Design Hives are think tanks with some of the best game developers and scholars in the business. Together we explore great game design and make connections to the science of teen thriving and positive psychology. Working together we identify where fun meets personal growth, both for better game design and for thriving teens.

Game Jams

iThrive sponsors game jams to engage both established and up-and-coming developers in designing great games that create meaningful experiences for players. Our game jams are facilitated by internationally noted game jam expert and hackathon consultant Brad Hill. Participants learn how positive psychology applies to game design, and they use those concepts to build paper prototypes. Participants receive game design tools that can support their efforts to design for thriving throughout their careers, impacting games now and in the future. Interested in hosting an iThrive Game Jam? Contact us ! Current jam schedule:
January, 2017: MagFest
March, 2017: DePaul University
April, 2017: East Coast Games Conference