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Research: iThrive advances the science of gaming to thrive by collaborating with research institutions like Yale University to test the efficacy of “thrive games.” We also conduct reviews of scientific findings and assess the characteristics of digital games that support teen thriving, and those that don’t. LEARN MORE. Game Development: iThrive supports the creation of “thrive games” by collaborating with game developers on new titles and sponsoring think tanks and game jams to explore where good game design meets skill-building for teens. LEARN MORE. Game Development – MORE: Think Tanks Game developers are the experts of fun. They know how to engage teens and keep them persisting towards challenging goals for hours at a time—something traditional classroom settings often struggle to do. iThrive hosts regular think tanks with some of the best in the gaming business. We pick their brains about good game design and describe what we know about what teens need to thrive. Together we explore where fun meets personal growth and learning, both for better game design and for healthier teens. Learn more about iThrive Design Hives. Creating “Thrive Games” iThrive collaborates with award-winning game studios like 1st Playable Productions and Filament Games to develop fun and engaging games for teens designed to support their social and emotional skill building. iThrive funds these expert studios through a Request for Proposals model and provides content expertise throughout development. Explore some iThrive-funded titles below. Game Jams We sponsor game jams to engage established and up-and-coming developers in creating games that can empower teens. NEED MORE HERE… Resource Center: We offer a range of resources designed to inspire game developers and students to create “thrive games.” We also maintain curated games lists and resources to engage parents, teachers, and youth service providers in the gaming worlds of the teens they care about. LEARN MORE. (** Or link to Resource Center, a main menu item) OTHER (text for other spaces on the website): (Defining Thrive Games – not sure where this would go but up front somewhere obvious – or maybe a pop-up that comes up whenever you click on or hover over an instance of “thrive games” in the text.) What are THRIVE GAMES? Thrive games are digital games that have “baked-in” opportunities for teens to identify their strengths and practice essential habits that are critical for well-being and personal growth, like empathy, gratitude, and curiosity. Games are powerful. We can harness that power to help teens thrive.