John Krajewski, “Eco” Developer, On Play that Saves the World

04/21/17 Michelle Bertoli

It’s almost Earth Day, folks. To celebrate, get out there and hug a tree, join your local March for Science, then settle in and play Eco, Strange Loop Games’ award-winning online, multiplayer survival sim. Eco calls on players to work together on a shared server to tackle only the most pressing dilemma of our era: […]

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From Angst to Engagement: Insights from our DePaul University Game Jam

04/7/17 Heidi McDonald

iThrive Games has been hosting a series of paper prototype game jams in recent months. We had one in January at MagFest, and on April 1, we held one at DePaul University in Chicago. No fooling! This jam was different in that we included both college students and high school students. We presented game design […]

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